Meet your sales targets


Sales manager

Learn how managers make the difference. Develop strategies for implementing and designing a plan for your sales team and then put it into action.


In this training package we focus on helping managers in defining KPI and key points of focus. We help managers develop their sales strategy and share that with their sales team so that goals, purpose, budget and targets can be negotiated. From there, we assist in the turning of planning into action and implementation! Not only do sales managers walk away with a better understanding of how to plan their approach, but also tangible outcomes that they can measure and see for themselves.


Who: Sales managers who wish to refine their skills and knowledge in the management of their sales network


Duration: 2 days full immersion


Sales Techniques

This training course is designed for sales people who have gained a significant level of experience in the field and are looking to take on a new challenge in a more senior role in the sales sector. In two days sales people will learn how to be capable of implementing innovative strategies in their sales techniques using our Human2Human approach. The program includes building your personal brand, correcting fundamental errors that cost you sales and infallible techniques for closing clients.


Who: Sales people who want to take the next step in their sales career and ensure that they remain a step ahead of the market.

Organisations who want to grow their sales network and guarantee the effectiveness of their people’s skills.

Businessmen or entrepreneurs who want to sell value to clients and not just sell for the sake of making money.


Duration: 2 days full immersion