Help on-boarders find their way

Make your induction of new on-boarders an experience they won’t ever forget!


When thinking about induction, many consider it to be that obligatory three day training program when starting a new job that is unbearably boring and is easily forgotten not long after finished.


What if it didn’t have to be like that? That on-boarding new staff members could be a fun experience where real and meaningful learning takes place?


My Way Into… is one of our latest game based learning maps that is 100% designed specifically to fit your organisation’s needs when on-boarding new staff. It is designed to take new employees on a journey through the company’s story, help new comers learn what their exact role is in the organisation and allow them to live the company’s mission statement and values from the outset.


Players make their way around the game board, taking in information about the organisation they have just entered into, learning about their new team members and aligning their expectations with reality regarding their role in the organisational structure.


Are you ready to roll the dice?

learning map