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WayOut Consulting

“We help organisations, Create, Communicate and Deliver Value, Quickly and with Excellence”


WayOut Consulting is an Italian-Swiss management consulting company that specialises in organisational development and training. We are looking for brilliant and determined consultants who are looking for a new challenge. 


  • Develop and realise organisational development projects at a national and international level for clients in various sectors

  • Focus on Human Resources and Talent Development projects in order to help create high performing teams

  • Develop projects that focus on organisational strategy 

  • Guide Clients with innovative ideas to help them create  competitive advantage in their sector

  • Create development plans and support clients in their implementation 


  • Experience in management consulting/high level operations management or experience as an entrepreneur 

  • Proven experience in consulting, training and recruitment and the proposition of such services to potential clients 

  • A strong willingness to learn new and innovative methods of management in order to expand your existing skillset 

  • Fluent in Italian and English (minimum B1)

  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills

  • Creativity and enthusiasm towards change and innovation

  • Team spirit and flexibility

  • Availability to travel frequently (national and international)


  • A dynamic work environment

  • Internal training with tutoring and shadowing in the initial phase 

  • Specialised training in the WayOut Management Academy

  • Career development planning through the use of Management by Objectives

  • Economic incentives

  • Opportunity for growth in an expanding company 


We are looking for particular characteristics: WayOut Consultants are gifted with great creativity, determination and practicality.


Above all, they are passionate about what they do! In your application we want you to show us the most important aspects of your profile. 

We place great importance on a motivational letter which needs to show us your interest and determination to work at WayOut Consulting. 

In your application you must include your CV, motivational letter, any relevant certifications/licences/degrees, documents related to past internships and past work experiences. 

Your motivational letter:

Use it as a tool to distinguish your application. Use your own words to tell us about who you are and why you are sending us your application. It is very important to us that you have a clear idea about who we are and what to expect from a consultancy role with us. 

Your CV:

Ensure your CV is clear and concise. Be sure to indicate outside work activities and interests. Please include all relevant academic and work experience. 

The Strength Analysis Test:

If your CV and motivational letter are deemed to be in line with what we are looking for, you will be sent an email with a link to complete our online Strength Analysis Test. The results of this test help us better understand your Talents and strengths. It is very important that you complete this test openly and honestly. 

Brief interview:

The first interview is a brief interview (30-45 minutes) usually via video call which we use as a first screening. 

The second interview:

Upon passing the first interview phase, the second interview is conducted in person and will last approximately 2 hours. We already know a lot about you from your CV, motivational letter, SA Test results and the first interview, but this interview is aimed at understanding your career objectives, and getting to know you on a deeper level. 

Our aim is to get to know you and understand how you deal with problems and what solution focused steps you take.

Be ready to make a brief presentation in which you will be required to discuss a real life case study which may not necessarily be directly related to your work experience. 


We will present you with information regarding a problem and you will have approximately 15 minutes to come up with a solution which you will then present using a flip chart to demonstrate your reasoning. We expect to see a methodical, but also emotive approach in your problem solving. The second interview is also a chance to ask questions in order to understand if WayOut Consulting is the right fit for you.