Public Speaking and Communication


Communication Efficacy

The key determining factor of success, or lack there of, for any individual is communication. Acquiring knowledge and mastering the principal techniques of communication allows you to manage every day workings in a much more efficient manner. The capacity to listen, comprehend, not be influenced by external sources, feel comfortable simply being present in front of another person and their reactions, and understanding body language are all abilities that we must learn to use with complete self-awareness.


In this course we teach participants how to use these very important techniques in their everyday communication both at work and in their personal lives. A fun filled day dedicated to refining your communication skills that can help you increase your personal success.


Who: Business owners, managers, sales people and those who believe that communication is the key to the door to success.


Duration: One-day seminar


Competitive Communication

Competence allows you to enter the game, communication allows you to win! (Beau Toskich).


Social communication allows you to express yourself to others; Competitive Communication allows you to win! In the world of business, we only ever talk about winning otherwise we tend to keep quiet. Our words are our super power!


This course teaches participants to build their own personal vocabulary and allows them to choose the words they want to delete and those they want to continue using in the future.


Your products or services have real Value and we teach participants to use the most effective words and strategies to communicate that to the marketplace. With regards to customer loyalty over the long term, the words you use are more valuable than the product or service being sold. The program includes training in selling value – eliminate the word discount from your vocabulary.


Who: This course is dedicated to anyone looking to win in the world of business using strategic communication techniques.


Duration: One-day seminar


Public Speaking

The ability to speak in public in front of an audience with the right Reaction to every Action is one of the best instruments any leader, manager or businessman can have in their tool belt. Knowing how to balance content with delivery is extremely important so as to communicate confidence and keep your audience engaged.


In this training course we teach the fundamentals of public speaking that allow participants to notably refine their abilities by seeing for themselves, via video recording, how they present to an audience. The objective is to help participants increase their awareness of their physical presence and the way they convey their messages. Mastering these strategies allows you to make the jump from good manager to great leader!


Who: This course is designed for business owners and managers who feel the necessity to improve their communication efficacy in front of an audience.


Duration: 2 days full immersion