Management and Leadership


From Generation to Generation


In the current workplace, we have four generations working together for the first time in history. What that means for your organisation is a need to conserve some traditions and destroying others for the sake of innovation. It means preparing and improvising. Collaborating and commanding. All of these things put together, at the same time. Seem like a contradiction? In fact it is, so get prepared!


1st session – From strength to strength

  • Three hours dedicated to the newly inserted senior director


2nd session – Manager 2nd generation

  •  Three hours dedicated to junior members of the family business


3rd session – Talent effect

  • Three hours dedicated to both senior and juniors together to create a new company vision based on the management of talent, adapted to overcome tensions between generations to ensure the company continues to perform in its new form.

Who: Family businesses who preparing to take the next step in their growth.

Duration: 3 consecutive sessions, 3 hours each


Management of Strengths

The most important competency a manager must have is the knowledge about how to manage their collaborators and staff. It is important that shared and coherent objectives are established by managers in such a way that all collaborators have a shared goal and vision.


Managers must be capable of creating a work environment that is enjoyable and productive whilst treating each employee as an individual. Each employee needs to feel that they are able to use their talents in their assigned role so as to feel stimulated to grow and develop.


So how do you create a shared vision, develop this capacity and what do you need to do to create said work environment?

Leave it to us! In this training course, we promise to give you the answers to these questions in a simple and precise way!

Who: Managers and business owners who wish to successful teams characterised by a great level of commitment. 


Duration: 2 days full immersion



Leadership is a topic that has changed a great deal over the years and continues to develop as its importance becomes absolutely vital in any organisation. In the past, a leader was someone who commanded and ruled, whereas the leader of today is someone who guides people towards objectives and is admired by their followers.


Organisations who want to maintain or gain a competitive advantage in the market must be aware of emotional leadership, which pushes every member of every team to contribute something meaningful of value add. Leaders need to adopt a way of thinking that is open, emotional and inspirational. In this training program we help you develop your leadership style that ensures the greatest possibility of success

Who: Business owners and managers who wish to achieve success by empowering their people. During the course, participants will perfect the abilities, knowledge and behaviours required of motivating and empowering leaders.

Duration: 2 days full immersion


Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement is a course designed to assist in the refining of your organisation’s strategy (medium to large scale organisations). Defining the vision, mission and values of an organisation does not just entail creating a catchy slogan or website. An organisation’s mission statement is the soul of the organisation, which allows the creation of a positive organisational culture.


Who: Business owners or leaders in medium to large scale organisations that wish to review their company strategy in preparation for or after undergoing organisational change.


Duration: 2 days full immersion

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