Learning Maps - The Game Collection

Because we learn better when we have fun!

Playful Thinking

Playful thinking, the mantra of our Learning Maps, is the playfulness that pushes people to abandon the mental data they retain related to their routine and habits. It is stepping outside the box and taking a look around under a different light.


Time2Talent is one of our game based Learning Maps that we use in group and organisational training. The objective? To increase understanding about what a Talent is and to help each individual discover their Talents. 


Leadership DNA is the Learning Map that helps managers and team leaders honestly reflect about the efficiency of their leadership to then continue in their continuous development as a leader.

Why Learning Maps?


Leadership DNA


Customer Experience

A new age Learning Map designed to create animated organisations buzzing with passion and energy to then be transferred to their clientele.

Transform your clients into fans!

learning map

Maps made to measure

Want to put your mark on one of our Learning Maps to personalise your training experience? 


Sell City

Sell city is a Learning Map developed to help organisations cultivate their commercial department. Learn about sales techniques, competitive communication, marketing and branding.  Goodbye competition!


One of our latest learning maps designed to open the minds of the workplace to the real issue of diversity.  From age to gender to culture to disability, this learning map gets the conversation and learning started!

MYWAYINTO_tabellone_esecutivo_mod (1).jp

Make on-boarding a fun and memorable experience with our learning map 100% personalised to introduce new staff to your organisation! Who said inductions had to be boring?


My Way Into...