Every single person is YOUNIQUE

Diversity in the workplace is not only incredibly valuable for creativity and productivity but it is also inevitable!


In today’s workplace we have an enormous amount of diversity. Four generations all working together, people who live with disabilities, an array of different cultures and gender that is no longer to be considered binary. All these different people all working together towards the same goal and vision!


YOUNIQUE is one of our latest game based learning maps that can be used in professional development and training sessions as a one off exercise or as part of a continuous improvement program.  What’s the goal? To get the conversation going about diversity!


Each individual brings their own life experience to the table and we have created this learning map to help organisations embrace differences and use them to create a competitive advantage!


This learning map goes deeper than any of our maps have gone before! We encourage players to face various questions, role-play situations and case studies to help improve their knowledge base and open their minds. As players move around the game board they earn points and are encouraged to consider diversity in a way that they have most certainly never considered before.


The winners of the game are those who learn something new and take their new awareness back to the workplace and out into the community with them.


Are you ready to roll the dice?

learning map