About Us

WayOut International's journey began in Italy in 2012 with a small team of just two very experienced HR experts.  They had a bold dream and a strong capacity to build relationships with people. From the small Italian team in 2012 WayOut Consulting went international in 2017 introducing the new head office in Switzerland. From Italy to Switzerland and now the UK, WayOut International continues to grow and build.  Our innovative approach to people development and HR business solutions means our clients are continuously coming back for more and we are proud to say our list of returning and new clients is growing quickly.


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The WayOut Team

Where the Passion Begins

Giorgio L. Nicastro

Founder | C.X.O Chief Experience Officer

After developing a well-established career in top end management, in 2000 I decided it was time to embark upon a new adventure, dedicating myself to management consulting. My deep understanding in this sector has seen me take charge of the research and development side of WayOut International, utilising my ability to build strong client relationships combined with my experiential knowledge to develop tailored business solutions to my clients.

My dedication to creating innovative approaches to learning and my curious mentality has seen me create and continuously develop WayOut International’s Learning Maps, which are based on the idea of Playful Thinking. Our business ‘games’ have shown to be greatly successful in helping teams grow and learn together in a safe and fun environment and we continue to add more and more to the collection.

In 2017 in collaboration with Michela, we decided it was time for WayOut to dream and grow bigger and we opened up our doors to the European market and in 2018 to the UK market. Who knows where we might end up next! Watch this space!

Michela Manneschi

Guido Buffo

Chief Knowledge Officer

For over 20 years I have dedicated myself to the people side of business as an external consultant as well as an internal manager at both a national (Italy) and international level.  My speciality lies in organisational development with a particular interest in organisational change and training. I believe that it is the people that are the fundamental aspect of any organisation and that every business success is thanks to them and their Talents. I believe in and share the purpose and philosophy of WayOut and uphold these at all times in my practice. We learn best when we have fun!

Guido Buffo

Michela Manneschi

Founder | C.L.O Chief Lovemark Officer

After two international managerial experiences, I decided it was time to get back to my roots and I returned to Italy to apply my international know-how to help Italian companies grow and develop to international standards. I always bring enthusiasm and my industry skillset to work in collaboration with managers and team members in their professional and personal development.  I’ve been told that my contagious enthusiasm and cheerfulness sees me bringing the spirit of the game to WayOut, ensuring my clients have fun whilst learning and progressing.  In collaboration with Giorgio, I co-authored WayOut International’s Learning Map and can’t wait to continue adding to the ever growing collection!

In 2017 we answered the demands of the international market and grew to Switzerland – opening WayOut International.  Not long after, word made it to the UK and in 2018 we took WayOut across the international seas to England! Who knows where word may make it to next!

Watch this space!

Mariella Abbruzzese

Office Manager

My journey in WayOut is a continuous evolution. I always have the opportunity to use my Talents and put my heart into all that I do. 

I enjoy taking care of my fellow WayOuters and our clients that I follow dedicatedly and whom I deeply admire. 

Becoming our Office Manager gave me that extra push to help make WayOut more efficient from all points of view, whilst making sure I continue to place the highest level of importance on the humanistic aspects in my relationships with others. 


Laura Lombardo

Talent Selection Specialist

After graduating and working in the organisational psychology space in Australia, I decided on a change in direction and returned to my family’s roots in Italy. My experience has seen me working in both the private and public sectors in Australia from recruitment and selection, to training and development as well as organisational change and management consulting.


In my approach at WayOut I always apply my international outlook, eagerness to learn and my curious mind-set in all that I do. WayOut has allowed me to use my existing knowledge and skills in a creative and innovative way whilst also appreciating what I have to bring to the table. The overseas market demanded WayOut and we have delivered! Our constant growth is exciting and being a part of it brings me not only satisfaction but also complete fulfilment!